SV Pro VST Plugin in Cubase on M1 Mac does not play

I have been using SV Pro on a PC so far, and it always worked fine in Cubase.

I just moved to an M1-based MacBook Air. SV Pro, latest version, works fine stand-alone, but as a plugin in Cubase it does not play.

The playhead in the plugin navigates when I move to locator positions in Cubase, but when I hit play in Cubase or th plugin, SV Pro, will not play - no sound played, and the playhead does not move in the plugin.

This is with the latest version 1.3.0.

Thanks for any help!

More information on this.

Playback in the plugin works as long as there is no voice selected for any track, or the cursor is not over any actual notes. Also, the wave form in the plugin does not update when a voice is selected, which seems to indicate that the live rendering somehow hangs.

I also tried this in Logic Pro (AU) and I see the same behavior as in Cubase.

In the stand-alone version, editing and playback (and waveform updates) work just fine.

Dear Dreamtonics team - do you have any comment on this issue? I would be very happy for any workaround…