Questions about SynthV gen 3

-Will all of the current voicebanks be ported, and if not, can they still be imported? (such as how you can operate a v2 vocaloid in v4)
-If they do end up being upgraded will there be a way so that owners of the previous products don’t have to pay money? (like the Saki/Saki AI thing)
-Will there be a free version and lite voicebanks?
-Will there be any Chinese AI voicebanks?

And that’s all my questions, hope you have a great day or night if you’re reading this.

-If you are referring to SynthV 3rd generation AI technology, then all AI voicebanks have already received an upgrade, just check for updates.Standard voicebanks cannot be upgraded to AI soundbanks directly, but need to be recreated.
-The cost of the upgrade, and whether or not a Lite version is released depends on each voicebank publisher.
-The release of Chinese AI voicebanks also depends on the publisher, one possible Chinese AI voicebank is “Stardust Infinitely”.
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The free offer for Saki AI was a time-limited promotional offer. They didn’t “upgrade” Saki Standard to AI, they made an entire second voicebank with the same voice provider.

As for compatibility, all voicebanks made for Synthesizer V Studio are still compatible with the new version. “Generation 3” is just an upgrade to the AI engine, not a new editor.