Websites for downloading voices won’t load. won’t load.

Whenever I try to click on the green 95mb buttons it loads up a page, but the page doesn’lt load. It shows the website name and it’s, “”. I’m really dumb so I don’t know what to do.

You’re on the old website. When navigating, just click on “Synthesizer V Studio” not on “Previous Versions”.

Upon scrolling to the bottom you’ll see current download links. (direct link to downloads: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (


But what if we want the gen 1 voices? I want to get Renri but her site won’t work.

You might be able to contact Volor directly to ask for the installer.

The software is discontinued though, so its possible you’ll end up having to wait for her updated version later this year.

how do I contact Volor? Do they have an email?

You can try their Twitter. Their website (AniCute) is linked in the Twitter bio, you may be able to find more contact info there.

Yay, I learned. Thanks you so much, I found them! <3 :smiley: Time to make a cover of, “On the Floor.” by Icejjfish! :+1: