Script to Export Phoneme Timings (As UST?)

Has anyone developed a script to export the phoneme timing for use with lip sync animation?

I need a file like UST that has phoneme start and duration information in place of Lyric.

Thank you

This isn’t something I’ve done before but perhaps converting your SVP to a UST with Utaformatix would work:

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Thank you so much for your very kind reply.

Unfortunately the SVP file, which has JSON format, does not carry the phoneme data or their timing, as you can see from the below example. Phoneme is empty unless changed manually in the UI.

{“onset”: 803943000000, “duration”: 441000000, “lyrics”: “to”, “phonemes”: “”, “pitch”: 60, “detune”: 0, “attributes”: {}}

It may be that API scripting can provide the data for lip sync, however the documentation is unclear and states only that Phoneme data is returned as a “string”.

I suspect that this is a feature which must be implemented within the application by Synthesiser V developers.

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