Stops generating audio after section 21

I downloaded Synthesizer Studio a few weeks ago, but I only just started to use it tonight. I was doing alright at first, though obviously rough as a beginner, but after finishing covering the first verse and refrain the program stopped generating the lines that I wrote into the program, and it stops playing audio altogether, getting stuck just after the beginning of bar 21. After hitting this bar, it gets “stuck,” and won’t play anything else even if I stop it and restart it. Restarting the program unsticks it, but it then gets stuck again when it hits bar 21.

I’m using Synthesizer V Studio Basic version 1.3.0, with Eleanor Forte Lite as the singer. Does anyone have a solution, or at least a similar problem?


I’ve had this problem before. There’s likely some internal data structure getting stomped or something. As you noted, reloading it doesn’t solve the problem - it just stops dead at the same point.

My solution was to change the voice from Eleanor Forte to some other voice. I can’t recall if just clearing the voice to None also fixed it. But something about regenerating the voice - perhaps with a different set of phonemes - was enough to get it going again.

Good luck!


I’m having this bug right now. I hope they fix it soon. It only started happening after I updated synthv basic so I could install Maki Lite.

Were you able to get past the “stuck” part of the song by changing voices and changing back again?

no but I did find that if I exported it as a ust then imported that ust back into synthv it started working

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I’m glad to hear you found a workaround.   :slight_smile: