Please for the love of god fix the VSTi plugin

Please, I am literally begging you, whoever is in charge of this stuff, please fix the VSTi plugin. I posted a topic about my problem earlier however received little-to-no help. The plugin was at least half of the reason I bought Synthesizer V Studio Pro and the fact that it doesn’t work in ANY of my DAWs, instead having problems I detailed in my earlier posts, is making me quite frustrated and unsatisfied with my purchase. The plugin for the Gen1 editor works fine however I prefer SVS for a multitude of obvious reasons.
Fix the plugin. Please.

My side of the VSTi plugin works fine … so I can’t figure out what’s causing it.


My suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the SV Studio and check for audio conflicts caused by other software.
Another method is try to delete or rename the settings.xml file in the %USERPROFILE%\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\settings directory, and then reopen SV Studio.

Hopefully this will solve the problem.
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