Failed to install SynthV Basic. Windows 10

when i’m trying to install, i’m having “Setup was unable to create the directory C:/Users/halab/Documents/Dreamtonics”. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."
so i created it myself.
but now it can’t create “Synthesizer V Studio” folder in it!
what’s wrong?

Looks like it could be Windows Defender. Here’s someone with the same problem:

Open Windows Defender Security Center

Go to Virus & threat protection - Virus & threat protection settings

Scroll down to Controlled folder access

Temporarily turn off Controlled Access

Then try running those installers and see if they complete

Please do not leave Controlled Folder Access permanently disabled

Hopefully this solves the issue for you as well.


Thanks, helped ^^ :blush:

Awesome, I’m glad it worked! :+1: