Opening loading of own voicebanks in the first version of SynthV

Hello, I want to bring up the topic of creating voicebanks again (I am aware that in 2018 there was the same topic), in today’s realities there are new opportunities for this.
It’s no secret that almost all users have switched to the new (studio) version of SynthV, which does not have full compatibility with the old voicebank files.
I would like to propose to create a small program that would convert UTAU VB to the old SynthV format.
Due to the fact that everyone is now using the new version, this will not affect the commercial voicebanks, and at the same time will drag all Utau users to synthV, who will popularize this software.
I think it will be quite simple to create it, you don’t need a graphical interface to convert VB.

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I think this is a good idea! However, on some computers, you are not able to input Japanese (not sure about Chinese) characters, and only romaji. For example, if I downloaded an UTAU voicebank from a non-Japan computer, the text would come out garbled. I cannot use UST’s for the same reason, so I don’t use UTAU.
I am not sure if the text would come out garbled in the files as well for other voicebanks. If it did, what would we do? Would we have to convert the text manually in our system files or would it be simple, like clicking a certain option that would tell the software “Hey, this user may have files that are little messy, and these certain characters go to these romaji characters.”
For some voicebanks, it’d be more difficult. VCV was (and still is) complicated to me compared to CV voices, and I’m not sure how we’d add an option for converting things such as CV, CVVC, VCCV, and VCV.
Also, what about other UTAU’s that don’t have Japanese, English, or Chinese? It’s definitely possible that people have French and German UTAU voicebanks. Would they be able to convert to SynthV, or would they stay an UTAU?

I’m sure it is possible, as we have brilliant people here in this community who know more about UTAU than normal SynthV users, and would be able to help. Thank you for proposing this idea, as it opens up a whole new possible realm to this software!


Could be called ‘Synth V: Home Studio

ALTHOUGH I would prefer if it just were an avenue for developing a ‘homebrew, unofficial’ Synthesizer V Voice, as opposed to convert UTAU Voicebanks.

Because if they simply allow you to record / construct banks in the format Synth V (i think we’re talking old vers as well?) uses, sure enough, before long the users / community could just create their own converters. And UTAU voices have limitations compared to Synth V.

  • I would appreciate if they encourage taking full advantage of the engine’s capabilities.