Synthesizer V Pro DLL not found?

Hello Dreamtonics team.

So first of all I tried the Basic version of SynthV and liked it.
Decided to purchase the Pro version and pre-order the Eleanor Forte AI thing.
Now I installed the Pro version but couldn’t locate any “vst” of it?
I checked …/Steinberg/VSTPlugins/ folder but nothing was there.

Any clues?

I have both Reaper and Ableton and would like to use the VST version.


The plugin version of Synthesizer V Studio Pro is in VST3 format, located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 if you’re on Windows. It’s the default path for VST3 plugins, so Reaper would regconize the plugin and show it in VST3i section in FX Browser. Otherwise, add the path to plugin search path in Preferences->VST
With Ableton Live, make sure you’re at least on 10 or 11, as Live 9 doesn’t support VST3 at all.


Thank you @dottokuya san!!

Found the library and everything works!

TIP for Ableton users (Win)

If you go to “Options > Preferences > Plug-Ins”, you can there enable “Use VST3 Plug-In System (or Custom) Folders” and VST3’s appear.