Crash when moving multiple notes with parameters (SVS Pro 1.30 - Eleanor Lite)

SV Studio Pro crashes when trying to move a bunch of notes (with parameters). It’s reproducible on a certain selection of notes in my sequence. It won’t crash if parameters for notes aren’t selected. It also won’t crash on other multiple note selections in other sections of the song.

The only difference between the crashing selection and non-crashing selection is the crashing selection has a lot of parameter modifications. But tbh I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing the crash.

Version: SV Studio Pro 1.30
Voicebank: Eleanor Forte Standard Lite

Someone already reported a similar issue from May but on version 1.2.2

I also experience the bug where random new note will be created somewhere in the piano roll when drawing direct pitch edit on the piano roll.


I have this issue too! I was about to make a new post, but mine probably fits @_tart 's report better…

same issue here, but with yamine renri. It seems that when multiple notes and parameters are selected the program will crash

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