Is there any way to sing the previous version of SAKI AI?

Is there any way to sing the previous version of SAKI AI?
I have already installed the latest version, but the previous version has disappeared.
(Now I’m using Synthesizer V Pro 1.3.0 and SAKI AI ver 1.1.0)

Is it possible to use the old version and latest version together or not.
I want to using previous SAKI AI.
If anyone knows how to make it possible, please let me know.
Thank you.

You can just replace it with old version library.
file located at
Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\databases


It is possible to revert back to a previous version of a voicebank. However, you will need a copy of the previous/future version files of the voicebank you wish to downgrade/upgrade.

If you do have this previous file, copy and paste into the contents into the following directory, which houses all voicebank database files installed on your system:

Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\databases

The files you are looking for are here (replace these but be careful to keep backups of all files before making changes):


Sadly, if you don’t have a backup already of the previous Saki AI version, I don’t know of any other method to change versions.

I strongly suggest keeping a copy of each version of all Synthesizer V voicebank’s you own, as Synth V does not do this automatically (to my best knowledge).

Good luck!

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Thank you for your comment.
I was able to find a previous version of saki ai lite. However, SAKI AI seemed to have overwritten and could not find it.
From now on, as advised, I will make a copy of the old version as well.

■Synthesizer V Saki AI アップデータ v104 公開 (

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So Great !!
Thank you.

I am an avid Syntheszier V fan, LOL~
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