How to save settings and dictionary?

When I open a new project in SV Pro I can adjust program settings, create a user dictionary etc (provided I have selected a voice) but all the settings appear to be just for the current project. If I open a new project I have to start all over again.

There doesn’t appear to be a ‘save settings’ or ‘save dictionary’ button unless I’ve missed it.

How do I save program settings, dictionary words etc that all projects can access?

The settings and dictionary information will be saved in the account documents folder on exit, please check if you have the appropriate read and write permissions.
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I’ve now discovered what’s going on and this is a bug with a mac

The dictionary file is the Eleanor.json file in the folder:
/Library/Application Support/Dreamtonics/Synthesizer V Studio/dicts/english-arpabet

If I open up an svp project, make changes to the dictionary the data is updated (or not) by the following actions:

Quit Program: NOT updated
Close SVP Project Window: updated
File->Save: NOT updated
File->Save then Quit Program: NOT updated
File->Save then Close SVP Project window: updated

I would have expected saving the project would update the system files, but it doesn’t. The only way to update the data is to close the svp window, which isn’t as expected.

If the program could invoke the update function on exit then all would be well.