Product activation issue


i activated all 3 products yesterday on a new installation of windows, however installed a new cpu today. both my previous windows installation and my current one say that the product is not activated and so now i cannot deactivate the license, when all ive done was change the cpu since last activation! i dont want to burn through keys because the program cant realise that im using the same system. i understand a whole system upgrade, however even windows, microsoft, and adobe allow leniency to changing components of a system without having to relicense everywhere.
now all 3 keys will be burnt on my one computer and i cant even deactivate any of them.

Please allow some type of webform to remotely deactivate activations please

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As far as I know, the place where you bought the license might provide the service of de-activation, or reset. You might want to ask them about the issue.

For example, in China’s Mainland, the seller 平行四界 provides a service of resetting activation, but you might have to pay for it. Though, it’s way cheaper than purchasing the license again. The service fee is about 7% of the original price.