Eleanor Forte sings "Without You" (Synth V Cover)


well tune, I like it !

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Thank you!

Nice, thanks for your creation ~

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Hey Synthvoice,

Do you have a fiverr page. Would love to learn how to do this kind of thing?


Discovered synthesizer V this morning and now I have a good start on programming “I think I can Fly”, and it’s going well. Time to crack open the manual LOL.
I love the work you have done.
It brought a tear to my heart and eye.
Carry on.
There are herds of robot waiting for their big chance


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I’m glad you liked the cover. Good luck on yours, would love to listen to it when you finish it. Using Synth V is hard at the beginning, and it takes time understanding how Eleanor works, believe me, I know. But once you get the hang of it, it’s very fun to do covers or your own songs if you have any.