Synthesizer V Studio Licenses

Hello everyone.

Today I bought a license for Synthesizer V Studio Pro and I have a query for you. Is it possible to license two computers at the same time, I have my pc and my laptop and I want to have the program active on both computers, so can I do it or do I need to buy another license? I clarify that I am the only user who will use the two computers. This information is unclear. I would like you to help me.

In the same way I am thinking of buying the Maki English AI voice package, there are also licenses for machines? Or what is the maximum number of updates or simultaneous uses?

Thank you

Synthesizer V Studio End-User License Agreement

8 The license granted by us to the user allows the product to be installed only on one computer. The user shall not install the product on multiple computers with a single license.

9 You may transfer the product to another computer without obtaining a new license. However, you must delete the product completely from any computer on which it is already installed.

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Thank you very much for your quick response.

Although it is SAD to know this information, I think it should be on the DREAMTONICS website, so that new customers know that before buying … It is for this same reason that I do not buy other products from the competition … These terms of the license force me to buy another license for my laptop … because I am not going to deactivate and activate my laptop and my pc every week and delete all files and installations, that does not make sense. I wish the license was different, I think it is not friendly to people who work on several computers in different moments and places … At least the software is not very expensive.

Thanks again for the quick response.