Crash bug when copying


I’m working on a project in SynthV Studio Pro, but now whenever I try to copy and paste a part, the entire program crashes.

I have included the file for your reference.

If anyone could let me know what’s going on, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

File that Crashes SynthV

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I tried to do the copy operation on my side and no problem occurred … My suggestion is to check for updates in the license and update panel, upgrade the product to the latest version and then try again, hope that helps.
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I am also encountering this exact issue, but on basic with my own project. I’m not too sure if that means anything since I’m not using Pro (yet) but any time I select multiple notes, and try to copy-drag to another location the program crashes with no error message or anything.

No software updates so far, so the latest basic is having the issue.