[Koharu Rikka] Today Will Be Better [Original]

I made this song for my wife. I feel so satisfied with Synthesizer V and Koharu Rikka’s voice. Thank you!
Please feel free to comment or feedback.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/anthony-tambrin/today-will-be-better?in=anthony-tambrin/sets/anthonys-compositions


Great song! Thank you for creating it and bless you~

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Thank you!

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The song is very pleasant to listen to. :slight_smile:

I’m only slightly familiar with the J-Pop, so I can’t make any comments about the specific style.

The piano is nice, and the solo cello very effective. You’ve got some nice builds in the song.

Really nice stereo balance!

The guitar solo works well, but is just a bit too precise. The guitar fills behind the vocal are quite nice.

The vocal sounds great. My only complaint is very small - on the very last syllable, it sounds like like the volume is being turned down mechanically instead of the voice becoming naturally softer. Having the vocal end and adding a touch of reverb might be a better choice.

Well, one other thing. The fourth or fifth time listening through, I noticed that there’s very little space in the melody for the vocalist to take a breath - the length of the rest is too short! This makes it a little bit mechanical.

It might be nice if you doubled the vocal is some spots, but it doesn’t really need it.

It’s a very pretty song, thanks for posting it! :+1:

Thank you @dcuny for the very valuable elaborate feedback. I’m taking notes :smile_cat:

I’ll have a look at your suggestions (which I agree to completely) around:

  • Extending the breathing space a bit more
  • Ending the vocal’s last syllable better
  • Making the guitar solo a bit more natural sounding

A quick question, do you mean “doubling the vocal” as in literally doubling the same vocal (as in she sings it one more time over the current one) or did you mean a backing vocal?

I’m honoured and grateful that you took the time to listen to it multiple times :partying_face:

Yes, I mean doubling the same vocal.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way in SynthV to do this. Just cutting and pasting the same line could mean it sounds exactly the same, which isn’t what you want. I was working on a script to jitter the durations slightly and change the phonemes to alternate phonemes, but because of the way that SynthV handles null values, that doesn’t work.

There are plenty of VSTi’s that have vocal doubler options, which would be a lot simpler.

Adding a background harmony, and mixing it in under the vocal would be the simplest thing to do if you were sticking with SynthV

I’m just so used to having suble vocal doubling added that it sounds a bit bare without it.

But honestly, it sounds fine the way it is. :smiley:

wonderful song I love it! are you planning on releasing an off-vocal version so other’s can make covers? I’d love to attempt one

I see what you mean. Interesting, I never tried it and I should :slight_smile:

Thanks @eggtan!

Do you mean like the song without the vocal on it? That’s something that should be easy to do. I’ll upload it to YouTube / SoundCloud and let you know once it’s uploaded!

Here you go @eggtan, the instrumental version:

It would be awesome if you can send me a link to the cover once you make it :partying_face:

thank you so much!! I will send you the cover once I finish it!

Very sweet. I don’t speak Japanese but still enjoyed it very much!

Thanks @IvanK.