Pressing Tab when editing lyrics should scroll the note into view if the note is not currently visible

One way to enter lyrics is to double-click on the first note, enter your lyrics, then press Tab key, enter lyrics, and repeat “Tab, lyrics”. This becomes problematic when you want to enter a lot of lyrics and your notes span multiple editor screens. Pressing Tab when you’re on the last note on screen will move the selection off-screen, creating a confusing experience.

So, for this feature request, I request that when you press Tab to move to the next note, and that note is off-screen, the editor screen should scroll so that the note is visible in the editor screen. It would be preferable to scroll the editor so that the note is on the left side (thereby pressing Tab again won’t scroll, as the next note will not be offscreen).

I’m tempted to file this as bug report, but it’s more of a new feature to be added.