Opera using Synthesizer V

I have produced a full length opera (music and words by me) using Synthesizer V Eleanor Forte lite for all voices (female and male). Thought people might be interested. Here’s the link: Ruth - a tale of love, betrayal and redemption - YouTube


Thank you for trying and creating~

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I admit I haven’t listened to it in full but this is an impressive work, well done!

I am also impressed with your orchestration. I also like to use orchestra in my songs. I use Sonar Cakewalk and Edirol HQ Orchestra VST, but I don’t get the same quality as yours. I will go and check out Sibelius as you noted in your video.

Thank you, IvanK. If you looking at Sibelius do download the NotePerformer plug-in too. It’s their instruments that make the great sound.

Thanks Brianius for the tip!