Continued Stability Issues/ Crashes on Playback

Hi there,

On version 1.3.0, I’ve been having an increased number of crashes from when I first saw these two topics, here’s what I’ve tried:

-Uninstalling and reinstalling Synth V Pro (including voice banks)
-Turning off antivirus
-Using a different audio interface
-Using different audio drivers (ASIO, ASIO4All, WASAPI, DirectSound)

Today, I tried entering notes using the Kotonoha voicebank (Lite), but after pressing play on the six notes I’d input, it crashed. It happened again (also six notes) when I tried to make a song after restarting my laptop.
Frequently, the program crashes in the middle of playback, with seemingly no rhyme or reason. It doesn’t matter if a session is open for 2 minutes or 2 hours, it will crash soon.
Sometimes it crashes when I move notes, or when editing phonemes.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

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I’m getting more crashes and slower performance, too.