Script For Quick Split 一键拆分多个音符脚本

short preview video 【SVR2脚本插件】一键拆分音符 Add Depth(开发中)_哔哩哔哩_bilibili


Hi,I am a starter in learning programming. So I am also interested in SV javascript.
After spending some time studying the tutorial, I am thinking about making a script that automatically adds some depth to the first note of each singing line.
So it saves a little time, maybe. I think normally you would edit only one note for one time, either by the depth in the note properties or splitting the notes. I also think that I can make two versions of adding depth, I am making scripts by splitting notes for now.
I am still working on it. Maybe get some ideas in the community by putting things up in the forum now.
Here is what I have, in the pictures. It is modified based on the official Dreamtonics scripts.

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Very cool, thanks!

感谢编写脚本 _(:з)∠) _