AUDIOLOGIE 宣布推出 Synthesizer V「ANRI」英文 AI 声库


来自美国的AUDIOLOGIE(AO)公司宣布推出 Synthesizer V「#ANRI#(#铃爱莉# Airi Lin,#安里#,#杏里#)」英文 AI 声库,现在在AO 官网和 Animen 都可以预订。

AO 官网提供「ANRI」声库的数字版和限量实体版(还有相关周边售卖),支持贝宝;

而 Aminen 提供「ANRI」声库与「爱莲娜 芙缇」AI 声库和「#SynthV# Studio Pro」编辑器的捆绑包,另外可加购「ANRI」的限量实体包,预购过「爱莲娜 芙缇」AI 声库的话则可以加购「ANRI」数字版,支持支付宝和微信。

AO 计划在 12 月 11 日正式发布这款声库,并在 12 月 18 日放出声库的 Lite 版本。官方还计划在未来推出更多「ANRI」与其他角色的声库,敬请期待。



She sounds great. :+1:

Now I’ve got three SynthV voicebanks I’ve pre-ordered and am waiting for.

When the pre-order for that male native English voicebank is finally announced, someone will get even more of my money. :wink:


Wow sounds great! How do we get the discount if we pre ordered Elanor, I got an email but it did not say how to get the discount, very nice surprise to see another english voice!

Yeah, the email is short on useful details. It say “She loves bubble tea, strawberry mille-feuille, and her pet guinea pig, Chacharmaru.”, but doesn’t have an price information. And the Twitter link to YouTube doesn’t work if you don’t have a Twitter account.

If you go to the ANiCUTE ANRI webpage, but don’t log in, the unbundled voicebank isn’t even listed.

Once I logged it, it showed the price as $71 USD. Since the list pre-order price is $79.99 (see the images above), I assume that price reflected a 10% discount.

I got the latest email - it was an improvement over the first, clearly mentioning the prices and the discounts. :+1:

The only thing missing was a link to the voice demo, which seems an odd omission.

Ok I got it now, going to try to order it right now :slight_smile: had to reset my password but I did make an account there.
So, I am a bit confused though, I am not sure what the different
versions are, I see Pre order, ANRI AI (english
(Contracted Vendors) Apricot AI English
and Pre-Order:AMRI ROLE AI sound Library, I think I just want the
first one ( I have synth V studio pro full version)
but thought I better check first here to see what difference is?

There are several versions of what appear to be the same product at the same price with different descriptions.

Here’s what I see when I log in and choose English, with the price automatically reduced because I’ve pre-ordered Eleanor Forte. It’s the leftmost option:


The different “versions” are just the digital version with the product name listed in different languages.

“Apricot” is most likely a result of your browser running Google Translate on the webpage.


Ok ty, I think I am going to just grab the first one on the left then, just wanted to make sure I got the right one

So I went with that one on the far left, that says ANRI, hope I got the right one heh.
Next year is looking great for us with this program! We have Elanor Forte, AI coming out the end of this year, Anri the same, and Solaria coming out the beginning of next year, hopefully, as well as the first male english voice next year!!!
Very excited for things to come!

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