Copy-paste of lyrics doesn't work with manual phonemes

Copy-paste of lyrics doesn’t work in this case:

  • I copy the lyrics of a note which I’ve assigned “.d i s”
  • Pasting “.d i s” causes “.d” “i” “s” to be spread across 3 notes
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Bump? Sorry if unnecessary. Kanru/devs I know you read these sometimes, but…there’s just no way to tell.

It’s a real workflow issue for me, since I need to use the “.” method so much.

It’s been a very long time since there’s been any indication that the devs check these forums. These days it’s really just a “users helping users” sort of thing.

I would recommend you use custom dictionaries instead of the “.” method. That would allow you to batch-enter lyrics and maintain your phoneme choices.

I’ve made a number of feature requests here that get implemented quickly. It’s been a while since I’ve tried, but I think they do check.

Custom dictionary helps in some cases, but there are certain problems with that method. Mainly, the “-, +, -+” phonemes don’t always cover my needs, so I need to “force” phonemes/note-splits, anyway.

Regardless, I think the copy-paste fix I’m requesting should be implemented, just to make its behavior “Expected”.

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