【Koharu Rikka AI】Vitamin ME cover - speech in the song (not rap)

I have just finished another experiment with copying real voices. This song is maybe better suited for Rikka’s voice. I wanted to try esp. the speech part.

Method of copying is the same (Praat segmentation & analysis, pitch transferred as in the song, minor manual tweaks, phonemes manualy adjusted to copy original).

Used also Maki & Saki AI light for unison backing vocals - not tuned, flat pitch.
The shouts are not good - 16 times multiplied by VST plugin from one Rikka’s voice.


Wow! That’s pretty impressive! :+1:

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I don’t feel the pitch is very consistent, probably due to the original version being choral, and actually the mix of the song is important.
The beginning part of the speaking is not bad.
Thank you for trying and creating ~
(Translated with a translator)

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