Vocal Synth Chorus !

Hello Everyone! I’ve started a Vocal Synth Chorus group over Discord. We work together to make covers of choir music with vocal synths :slight_smile: We are about halfway through our first project, a Bulgarian folk song called Kaval Sviri. We are always looking for new members to join our group.

If you’d like to join you must:

  • Be 14 years or older
  • Have a Discord
  • Have a Google Account so we can share the drive folder with you
  • Have at least 1 vocal synth engine and voicebank to work with (After all this is a vocal synth choir)

If you would like to join the group I will need to hear an example of your work with vocal synths. We are open to all skill levels and all engines. You are not required to work on every single project we do, the amount of work you take on is up to you. This is not a paid job, but rather more like a club where we do covers for fun.

You can shoot me a DM on twitter @HanderArtist or Instagram @too_cute_holli with an example of your work.


Coming Soon…


Clone Ensemble is an excellent tool for converting vocal lines into a chorus.

SynthV already has the tools to do this via scripting, but it’s a lot more efficient to have the plug-in do it.

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Ah sorry I just saw this! The Idea behind VSC is to collaborate with others to create a virtual choir using vocal synthesis. I may look into Clone Ensemble for personal use though! But yea for now we are working off of existing choral arrangements :slight_smile:

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