concerns about Yamine Renri Standard R2 registry

I registered for the Synth V studio port of Yamine Renri. I was told that i would get a free serial code so i can download her, but i checked my gmail And it’s not there. strange. i have a few questions.

  • is the email taking too long to be sent?
  • was there something wrong with my email info that i need to send that somehow didn’t match the email account it’s getting sent to?
  • did anyone else have this kind of issue?

I’d Like to hear Volor’s thoughts on that. can’t wait. thanks a bunch for hearing

Yamine Renri voicebank application is handled by the Animen team, who will send an email if the email address is correct, and please check the spam folder.
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thanks! does that mean I need to contact the animen team for the issue to be resolved, though?

I seem to have forgotten to mention that this is issued manually, so it may take a bit of time. If you do not wait for the email, you can also contact volor official (@OfficialVolor) on Twitter.