Purchasing Questions: Anicute and Yamine Renri

Hello all,

I’m finally planning on picking up Synthersizer V Studio Pro from Anicute, but I have some questions. Hopefully someone can help out.

  1. On Anicute’s website it says that studio pro is only purchasable as a VIP? Do I need to do anything else, or should I just be able to purchase it? If needed, I can go through AHS store, but I was hoping to just go through Anicute since I am also interested in getting the soundbank for Yamine Renri.

  2. From what I can tell, Yamine is only available for the older version of synthesizer V; however, there is an application form on Anicute for the Studio Pro Version. Are there any major differences between how the gen1 and 2 banks work?

Additionally, when I click on the “Standard R2” form image on anicute’s homepage, I keep getting trojan warnings on a few different computers. Is that the correct spot for getting the studio pro version of Yamine? https://www.anicute.com/

  1. ANiCTUE currently does not have any items that require VIP status to purchase and can be purchased directly.

  2. Synthesizer V Studio interface and synthesis engine were rewritten and innovated, so it does not support previous versions voicebanks, and now “Yamine Renri” has finally released a compatible version.

Since the image on the ANiCTUE website has disappeared, here is the direct link to the application of “Yamine Renri”: https://forms.gle/BnZcj2CHNePEm6Hu6

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Thanks for the link.

Got the download and activation key pretty quick.

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