Can't I even dream? - Synth V Cover (Eleanor Forte Lite)

Happy Halloween

I tried tuning Eleanor Lite again. I added a slight reverb effect with Audacity, everything else has been left untouched. Urgh, that was a nightmare…

Apologies for the screeching at the high parts. I lowered the volume, added less tension, made the voice more masculine and still didn’t achieve the desired effects

I tried adding aspiration but it sounded so bad I just left it as is. Sorry :confused:


Nice work - very expressive! :sunglasses:

The /s/ on “stumble” is either too short or quite, as it comes out as *“tumble”. Maybe replacing the /t/ with a /d/ or /dx/ would help? It’s not a big deal.

One irritating feature of Eleanor is adding an /r/ between two vowels. At 2:26 she does that, putting an /r/ between “I” and “even”.

That high upper range of Eleanor can get tricky - I cheated on one song and changed the melody to keep her out of that range. Sounds like you already tried every reasonable option, short of time travel and using the full version of Eleanor. :wink:

Again, really well done. :+1:

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Yeah I might have made it too short to lessen the harsh s and t sounds. In hindsight it sounds very strange…

replacing /t/ with a /d/ sound so much better, thanks for the tip!

I will keep an eye on the /r/ sound next time. Once I have Eleanor AI I will re-render the song

Thanks for your feedback!

It’s pretty common in English to replace of unvoiced stop consonants following an /s/ with the voiced version of the consonant:

/s p//s b/
/s t//s d/
/s k//s g/

Some other common substitutions are:

/t r//ch r/
/d r//j r/
/g s//g z/

I don’t have a good explanation for why Eleanor doesn’t handle VV transitions properly. Tsurumaki Maki Lite AI English handles them correctly. The non-AI version has issues, but not as bad as Eleanor.

Whatever the reason, I’m looking forward to the updated version of Eleanor.


Soft voice, thank you for creating it!
Happy Halloween~

I did replace /t/ in can’t with /d/ but I wasn’t aware of the alternatives. Definitely will keep those in mind

I also fixed the /r/ sound between “I” and “even” by changing the pronunciation of /ay/ and /iy/

I can’t wait to get Eleanor AI and Anri, whose English is also really clear

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Thank you, happy Halloween!

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