Synthesizer V Studio 1.4.0 & MAN-F3 特别直播

Dreamtonics 在北京时间 11 月 5 日 20 点有直播活动,会在直播中展示 SynthV Studio 1.4.0 的新特性,以及演示 MAN-F3 女声声库和公布她的正式名字!

直播地址先给大家放这啦:laughing:,记得来看哟:Dreamtonics 女声AI特别直播

Resource: 动态-哔哩哔哩

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So the new female voice is “MAN-F3”?

Looks like some things don’t translate into English very well.   :laughing:

“MAN-F3” is the internal name of this voicebank, and last month Dreamtoncs collected the official name for her, which will be announced in this live broadcast.

By the way, that’s a really well done demo. Probably the most convincing vocal I’ve heard so far.

Love the voicebank!   :love_you_gesture:

It sounds like there’s just a little vocal doubling/harmony going on in the song.

When’s an English “soft” voice going to be available?

shut up and take my money

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I like her too, and this demo should have been remixed.

If you’re referring to the English Male AI voiceblank, it doesn’t have a release date yet.

No, I’m referring to a soft voiced native English female voice, similar to this (as yet unnamed) voicebank.

But I am looking forward to a native English male voice. I’ve got that money set aside.

Right now, I’m making do with using the Gender parameter in Eleanor Forte, and it works OK. Morphing a female voice into a male voice is more convincing than the other way around. Early voice synthesis tried it the other way around (shifting formants up on male voices to get female voices), and the results were not good (for lots of reasons).

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You can keep an eye on SOLARIA, the native English female AI voice library, which will be officially released in February next year.

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Yes, I’ve prepaid for SOLARIA.   :sunglasses:

Since only one demo has been released, and that’s not using the final sample set, I’ll hold off making any guess what the final version voice will sound like until I hear more examples.

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