When I quit the app with CMD + Q, the settings etc. are not saved.

On Mac (11.6 and other versions), when you exit the standalone app with CMD + Q, settings, file history, etc. are not saved.
There is no problem with exiting with the button on the upper left of the window.

I mentioned this a while ago in my post here How to save settings and dictionary?

I’m not convinced anyone from the development team monitors this forum as I’ve highlighted several bugs in SV which have never been acknowledged or fixed.

For this bug, just make sure you close the window rather than ‘quitting’ the program, though this is counter-intuitive.

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This annoying bug almost got me to the point of uninstalling SynthV for good, until one day I decided to just hit the red X button out of boredom.

That was half a year ago, and with the recent 1.4 update, the bug still persists…

I honestly think SynthV need frequent Quality-of-Life updates just to address those minor pain points of using the program. New features are cool and all, but poor UX will definitely steer potential customers away, especially when the majority of them are new to vocal synth.

Also, by the way, here’s a shortlist of the minor pain points:

  1. you can’t zoom or scroll if your mouse cursor is in the Parameters windows
  2. You can’t zoom vertically. Some users have a tall aspect ratio screen, so it would be a waste of space if they can’t do vertical zoom.
  3. Track order is not saved. Every time I reopen the project file, I have to re-order the tracks again. I once did a song with 10+ tracks, and it was not fun, like at all.
  4. The panel doesn’t auto-collapse when switching between them. For example, I have a Note Properties panel opens, and want to quickly change to the Voice panel, I have to close the Properties panel first, or else 2 panels would take up the entire screen.
  5. Double-click the .svp file to open doesn’t work on macOS, the only way to open the file is through the Open menu.
  6. In Preference, there’s no option to search for a specific keyboard shortcuts, the only way is to scroll down.
  7. There’s no option to reset individual keyboard shortcuts, either. I don’t think the Reset all Keyboard Shortcut will help if all I want to do is to reset one back to default.
    Of course there are more, but fixing the ones mentioned above(including the CMD+Q bug) should definitely be a phenomenal start.

It would be a shame if true. While the creators are very passionate with the software and want it to get better, however, no one’s monitoring/acknowledging the feedback. But I hope things will change for the better.


P.S. Did I mention that at the moment there’s no official documentation for Synthesizer V Studio?

Good post, thanks for the list of bugs. Is there an official repository of current issues anywhere or is this forum it? Almost every serious software has a means of feeding back to the developers. The way bugs remain release after release, plus the fact the dreamtonics website has so many quirks (try selecting English then navigating around), lack of docs etc has caused me to lose that warm fuzzy feeling I had with this software.

It has so much potential.

The only place I know of is this “Product Feedback” section on the forum.

I agree with you, the only word I can describe the Dreamtonics website is janky. Too much animation for too little helpful information. For all SynthV users, I’d wholeheartedly suggest checking out this website instead, it is currently maintained by a community member.

I’d love to contribute and help keep track of the bugs, since maybe the company is thin on human resources, but only if they show that the company is interested in fixing those in the first place.

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Thanks for the great solution!

I started using it yesterday and was having trouble with this.
The software seems to save the close button as a trigger, not the quitting of the program.
This bug has been neglected for a long time, hasn’t it?
Then I can’t expect a fix for the context menu bug I reported yesterday.

I’m Japanese, but I think it’s hard for Japanese people to understand Dreamtonics’ products.
I don’t think I would want to use buggy software without a manual.
I hope these problems will be fixed.

I’m sorry if the English is not correct, as I translated it from Japanese.