VSQx Not Importing Voice

I’m trying to import a VSQx into SynthV, and it plays the little piano synthesizer thing, but when I add a voicebank, it goes silent and doesn’t sing. I tried all of the lite voicebanks, and none of them work. I downloaded the VSQx from here: Sakura no Ame (Kaito) (It’s the one with the Japanese title, not KAITO.)
Thank you.

I have just tried it. There is only one singing track, which worked from bar 23. Other tracks sing only “fuuuu”. I have found odd error - there are some not visible Loudness points in Loudness automation.
If you delete all Loudness automation, it will work. (select Loudnes, press ctrl-A and delete).

I hope it helps.

It worked very well. Thank you very much!

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