VB's on ver.101 is crashing and closing SynthV Studio.

Recently I downloaded Koharu Rikka AI Lite and Tsurumaki AI lite to try it out, but when I select either one to sing, the program crashes. With Saki AI Lite that doesn’t happen and she is in version 100.

I think somone with more experience than me will answer you, but meanwhile I think it will help to tell us also the version of your SynthV Studio.

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I’m using the 1.3.0 and it’s a basic version.

I tried:
Synthesizer V Studio Basic 1.3.0
with Synthesizer V Engine 2.2.3
Maki, Saki, Rikka AI lite - all ver 101
on Windows 10 and it is working.

What about upgrade Saki to 101 ?
(only guessing)
And did you tried reinstall?

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I tried to reinstall and Saki AI Lite works on ver.100, the problem is with the 101. I will try to update Saki to see if works.
EDIT: I updated Saki and now it crashes too!
Synthesizer V Studio Basic 1.3.0
Synthesizer V Engine 2.2.3
on Windows 10 too.