【Saki AI】僕の右手 Boku no Migi Te / Paran Maum (cover)

Saki is a Punk Rocker


Thank you for your creation, hope your next work will be better ~

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LinR_PN You are the only one, who is willing to say something about this song, so I would like to hear more from you about it.
I listened to the song 100 times and I am biased.
I cannot improve without knowing what is wrong.

LingR_PN isn’t a native English speaker, and I think the phrase wish the next work will be better is likely to be a terrible translation.

It sounds fine to my ears!   :smiley:

The vocal is slightly off pitch and wobbly, exactly as it should be to convince me that it’s an amateur singer and not a robot.

Well done! :+1:

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If it is this case, I am sorry and apologise. Not native speaker too.

This is a punk rock, it is supposed to be this way.

Here is the original: PARAN MAUM Boku No Migite english sub - YouTube

Thank you.

I think this song has quite a bit of potential … but staying true to the original song is also an option.

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