Where can I buy a license to unlopck more voices and go from lite to actual voices?

I have read on the website that I’d get AI versions etc and more voices by buying a licence. However I can’t find that anywhere, and the closest to a link to purchase a code (that is, also, on the official website) leads to a page that does not exist. Can I please get a path to get an activation code? Thank you!

The Dreamtonics website is (IMNSHO) a confusing mess.

There is a free version of SynthV, called Synthesizer V Studio Basic Edition, as well as the paid version, called Synthesizer V Studio Professional Edition.

Purchasing the Professional Edition by itself won’t give you any new voices, but it will give you additional features. These features include the access to voice parameters not available in the Basic Edition of the editor.

There are currently links to three different websites you can go to purchase the Professional Edition:

Some of the dealers offer bundles that include voices. But if you just buy the Professional Edition, you will not get additional voices.

If you go to the Dreamtonic main page and find the section titled LINE UP, you can see a listing of some of the commercial voicesbanks available for SynthV. Links are provided under the voices:

This list doesn’t reflect voicebanks that are available for pre-order. For example the English voicebanks Eleanor Forte, Anri and SOLARIA. You may have noticed that two of those aren’t even on their website.

You can find free “lite” versions of voices for downloading here. Some of the voices are AI versions, some are not.

All of these free voices will work with free version of SynthV, as well as the paid version of SynthV.

NOTE: Purchasing the Professional version of the studio will not convert the “lite” voices to the full versions. It will unlock additional features, but to get the full version of the “lite” voices, you’ll have to pay for them.


Almost every voicebank has its own dedicated purchase page … I have nothing to say about this :sweat_smile: