Unicorns - ft Eleanor Forte - Original Song

Here is my latest Eleanor Forte creation, trying to have a go at dance music.
I like listening to dance music but never tried to write/produce one before

Hope you like it :smiley:


Congrats! Nice tune, good arrangement and you’ve made Eleanor sound really good and convincing.

For an EDM track, I find it much more varied and much less compressed-to-death than what I expect when I hear the term ‘dance music’. That’s why I like it! :wink: More ‘pop tune’ than EDM, I’d say. :+1:

Good work.

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love it! I liked that you played with volume and tension, it creates a very unique voice

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Thanks for listening! :blush: Yes agree with you @spitfire31 it’s more pop than EDM.

Sounds great, thanks for the original creation~

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Thanks for listening :pray:

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