Hi! I adore Synthesizer V so I have a couple of questions here:- would it hold me back to keep using the free unlicensed trial, that is up until the point of a commercial CD release then to buy the licence just before That? Much love From Argineau1

SynthV does not have any time-limited trials. Using the “basic” version instead of “pro” just means you lack a few features.

As for “lite” voices, they cannot be used for commercial purposes. “lite” voices also do not have the same quality as their full, paid counterparts.

While you could prototype a song with the lite voice and only purchase the full version once the song is almost done, you would still need to render your vocals with the paid version if you intend to make any money off the song, and the sound may change to some degree between lite and full versions.

All that said, if you open your editor and see a popup about “evaluation period” or similar wording, that means you are using the old discontinued editor. You can continue using it, but there is no way to acquire a license for it and it’s recommended to upgrade to SynthV Studio.

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