In 1.4.0, the selection of the playback marker position is not linked to the operation from the DAW.

I use the Studio one shortcuts “Transport - Forward Bar” and “Transport - Rewind Bar” to control the playback position. The playback marker in SynthesizerV moved in conjunction with those operations. I was using it to page and select the playback position.

In 1.4.0, they do not move together. No problem during playback.

I would like the playback marker of the plug-in to come with the selected position of the playback marker in Daw. This is my preference.

Translated with (free version)


再生位置の操作をStudio oneのショートカット『トランスポート - 小節単位で先へ進む』『トランスポート - 小節単位で巻き戻し』を使用しています。その操作に、SynthesizerVの再生マーカーが連動して移動しました。それを使用してページを送ったり、再生位置を選択していました。




I was just using my own weird settings.

When I changed the settings back so that I could control it from within the plug-in instead of from Daw, it was fine and rather comfortable.

I don’t have to solo the plug-in track to listen to it, I can play it by pointing the mouse to the beginning of the voice instead of the beginning of the measure, and I don’t have to worry about not being able to control it when it’s standalone.

The problem never existed in the first place.