FPS drop in Synth V Pro

I’ve been experiencing big FPS drops in Synth V Pro, even when using AI voicebanks with around 1 or 2 tracks + Instrumental track

My PC specs are pretty good - forgive me for not understanding them well, but I believe that 16GB ram and 8 cores should be enough to run a programme like SV smoothly. Sometimes while editing it can drop to around 7 fps probably at the lowest, the average FPS is probably around 15 to 20. I’m a fast tuner, so its really disrupting to me sometimes. This happens pretty much everytime I use SV. I never had any FPS issues with the first gen synth v (R1). I was hoping the 1.4.0 update would help this a little, but it didn’t unfortunately

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Frame drops during rendering is normal, and since the software re-renders after each change during tuning it is normal that you would have to wait for the previous change to be processed before making the next change. You can try changing the “Render Mode” in the Voice panel to “Prefer Speed” while working. You can also try adjusting the render settings such as number of background threads.

Additionally, does it only occur when an instrumental track is present, and is the instrumental track wav/flac or mp3? While SynthV is technically capable of playing mp3 files it tends to struggle with them resulting in poor performance and timing desync, so wav/flac is recommended.

The frame drop seems to be consistent, rather than only when I make a change. It occurs with and without an instrumental track, and I always use wav; learned that the hard way haha

I was fiddling around with the settings you mentioned just before writing this, and it didn’t really seem to make a difference, but there was one that I think did? I changed the graphics engine and it seemed to help a lot; I’m just hoping it stays that way haha
Thanks so much for your help :heartpulse:

As far as I know, SV studio uses VMProtect for DRM, which means the program runs in a virtual machine, so u might experience a performance loss.

I’m experiencing the same thing too. Performance significantly drops.
and I couldn’t even tune without getting frustrated

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I don’t expect performance to be amazing on my end (since my CPU has only 4 threads and an unremarkable clock speed), but having the editor lag whenever it needs to re-render is getting in my way.

(This is with Eleanor Forte AI on a ~4 minute song, on the Linux version of the standalone editor, if anyone wants to know.)

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