++ shifts all the phonemes to the new note, if there are only 2 notes. Is this expected behavior?

So I’ve had this problem for a while, but I’m posting it here for posterities sake.

I found out about the “++” special phoneme a while ago, and i thought to test it in a variety of conditions. It generally works with 3+ notes: on the note with “++” the word linked to the note is completed. But weird things happen with 2 notes, namely this:
all the phonemes have shifted to the second note, leaving the first note as a silence. I find this behavior odd, and not really intuitive, so I’d just want an official “yes, this is how it’s supposed to work.” or “no, that’s a bug.”
3 notes version, which works as I expected:

Addtional note: Did some experimenting, and found that ++ shifts all the syllables it voices to the last instance of it, so for example:

konpyutaa / + / ++ / ++


ko / n / SIL / pyutaa

Is this also expected?


For an input: kohii / ++,
I expected ko / hii but I got: SIL / kohii

This is my expected behavior, except I wouldn’t expect to have to use - between the notes to get the behavior:

++ is intended to be used in conjunction with - or + in order to complete a word when multiple phonemes are remaining.

You can accomplish this with kohaimaru- / ++


In your example where you expect ko / hii this makes no sense. That’s the purpose of +, not ++. The correct input would be kohii / +. Technically you could also do kohii- / ++, but there is no reason to do that and while it accomplishes the same result I would consider it bad practice.

Similarly, ++ / ++ does not make sense. If ++ indicates to complete a word you cannot use it twice within the same word.


kohii in particular might not make sense, so a better example would be something like tomoe, but the “tomoe- / ++” is what I’m looking for, thanks!

One correction on my part, while the kohii example doesn’t change the phoneme timing, I neglected to select an actual voice for my screenshots. The dynamics do change slightly to reflect the long イー rather than simply holding the same phoneme longer.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer this, this has been one of my pet peeves, but now I know how to do the thing. :laughing:

Hmm, this broke, I wish there was more documentation…
kohaimaru-/++ broken

3-notes workaround works the same as before. This is in 1.5.2.