Can't run on Ubuntu 18.04

I am an early bird bought SynthesizerV Studio Pro + Eleanor Forte AI studio ,because its spec mentioned"Supported OS Ubuntu 16.04 or later (64 bit)".

However, Studio Pro can’t be launched because it need glibc 2.30. As its spec, at least it should be compiled based on glibc 2.23 ( Ubuntu 16.04 use it ) to keep compatibility as what its spec mentioned. Please fix it. provide a new build based on old glibc.

This is important. Pro audio Linux distros used by productive Linux musicians are AV Linux MXE(based on MX Linux 19/Debian 10, glibc is 2.28) or KXstudio ppa+Debian 10 or Ubuntu 18.04( glibc 2.27).

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is still not EOF( 2025) . Even more, from 20.04 LTS,Ubuntu is not friendly with JACK ( You know? Linux pro audio working always need JACK ). Musicians need stable enviroment to create music,so many musicians who use Ubuntu are still keeping in 18.04 or leave it to other pro distros . For emample, I am still waiting AV Linux MXE to switch to Debian 11 based.


That’s a really tough situation. I was in the same predicament when I downloaded SynthV, and I just upgraded to 20.04. I’d suggest running SynthV through WINE or Lutris if you don’t want to update.

Even more, from 20.04 LTS,Ubuntu is not friendly with JACK ( You know? Linux pro audio working always need JACK ).

IMO, nowadays with PipeWire every distros can be pro audio-ready, unless you’re using Ardour and/or having an exotic setup (e.g FireWire interfaces, multiple hardwares,…). And what do you mean that Ubuntu 20.04 onward was not JACK-friendly?

I have upgraded to 20.04 from 18.04. I found that I can’t turn off Pulseaudio. Pulseaudio is always on. You need know more tricks to avoid to handle latency brought by Pulseaudio when you need very low audio latency. Ex: LIVE midi performance ( By this case,I always turn off pulseaudio bridging in jackd .). And yes, I use Ardour and other DAWs. Indeed ,I also have multiple hardwares. About PipeWire, yes it’s low latency, but can PipeWire do stable transport syncing between audio applications (Even through machines by netjack) now? As I know, PipeWire have fast evolution, but is it stable enough now to switch working projects to PipeWire?

Actually speaking , I have made one of my audio laptop upgrade to 20.04 for preparation now,but Synthesize V team should know “Supported OS Ubuntu 16.04 or later (64 bit)”. . it’s about promise and trust. When customers can’t launch the product as what the product SPEC promised, it will loose commercial credit.

I am using SynthV studio pro on my Ubuntu 20.04 installed laptop now . I still suggest Synthv team to make the product spec correct or make new build based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.