Qingsu Release for Overseas Users?

As Qingsu’s release approaches closer and closer, will overseas Synthesizer V users have a chance to buy her? Alipay does not support banks outside of Mainland China, and Taobao is incredibly hard to navigate. Will she be released on ANiCUTE like Saki and the Quadimension vocals so Synthesizer V users overseas can buy her easily? Or will Dreamtonics open a new online store for international users that contains all Dreamtonics vocals + Qingsu? Please let me know because I am a big fan of Qingsu, and I’m disappointed I can’t buy her because of restrictions from Alipay and Taobao.

EDIT: ParcelUp (formerly TBFocus) told me that Qingsu can be bought on their platform! Although the fee is hefty, if you want to get Qingsu early (and for that sweet pre-order price), use ParcelUp.

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I really hope we get some easier method of purchasing her because so far it’s looking like we might have to resort to a proxy service.

In a previous posting someone mentioned using TB Focus (now called Parcel Up) to buy Taobao items from overseas, but this requires a commission.

Will a proxy service work for items that aren’t actually physically shipped out? I guess I would just need to put my email address in the order instructions.

It probably depends which service but I have purchased digital versions of Quadimension voicebanks via TBFocus before.


ParcelUp (TBFocus) just told me that Qingsu CAN be bought! I hope it works :slight_smile: Thank you all so much for the recommendation, and I can’t wait to see the Qingsu covers people make when she comes out!