Overseas Release for Minus, Muxin and Qingsu?

Has Quadimension and Dreamtonics given any statement about why they haven’t put Minus, Muxin and Qingsu on Anicute or any other site? I remember emailing Anicute a few months ago about why Minus and Muxin aren’t on their site while the other 4 vocals were on there and they said that Quadimenion had no interest in putting them there. It’s kind of sad cause it seems like the western fans LOVE Haiyi and Chiyu! I’m sure they would have some success internationally. Also why make it hard to buy the first AI Chinese vocal and the only masculine Chinese vocal plus second released masculine vocal ever?

Synthesizer V is currently being developed by Dreamtonics, and other partner companies are responsible for their own form of voicebanks sales, of course ANiCUTE sells the voicebanks represented by Animen, Quadimension sells Quadimension’s own voicebanks, AH-Software, Eclipsed Sounds, AUDIOLOGIE also have their own sales sites.
If you need to buy a voicebank on Taobao, you can seek purchasing services, such as this website:

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