Different Between "Import" and "Import as Tracks"?

I’m trying to import a MIDI file, but I can’t figure out the practical difference between the option to “Import…” it and “Import as Tracks…”
I can’t find a direct answer online.

What do each of them do? What’s the difference?

“import” closes the current project and opens a new one based on the selected file.

“import as tracks” adds the tracks to your current project instead of closing it.


that makes sense, thank you! when I tried each option, I was starting from a blank file (the point of the MIDI was to get the tracks off of it as a base for note placement, so I didn’t have anything else down yet) and since there was nothing to get deleted when it closed I didn’t realize import was replacing it. The only visible change between them was that just importing tracks left the original blank track there too, and since I’m new I didn’t trust myself to be able to tell if anything else was different between them in a way where doing it through one would complicate things down the line. It seemed safer to find out what they’re respectively for before I got too far into anything using either of them. again, thanks!