[Eleanor Forte AI] - Invitation To Dream (Original Song)

This is my first Eleanor Forte AI creation

It is a “pleasant” voice but to be honest I think I prefer the old Lite/Standard version, I feel her voice was much stronger and had more character than the AI version.
But maybe I just haven’t played enough with all the settings.

I didn’t use the Aspiration render file as I thought it made her sound a bit more cluttered

Let me know what you think??


The song and voice are beautiful. Is there any (phase) effect on the vocal?


Thanks @hataori
No I didn’t deliberately put any phase effect, maybe it’s the reverb that makes it sound phased

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The sound is beautiful, thank you for creating it ~

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Thanks for listening!

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Good song. Phrasing is excellent.
There are times when ms. forte sounds like flesh and blood.

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Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Nice song! Personally, I much prefer Ms Forte AI to her little sister – to me, her voice sounds more alive and her diction seems markedly improved.

About the mix, I think that she would benefit from some de-essing. Also, she feels a bit off-center to the right. Is that intentional? (I listen in HD 600 cans).

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It’s a good song, and the vocal works well. As already mentioned, the vocal seems a bit off-center.

It’s a bit “fuzzy”, which seems to be a feature of the AI voice. Almost “buzzy”, and a bit nasal - sort of unfocused and unclear. The /r/ poorly articulated in places.

When she’s in the higher register at 3:00, it’s hard to make out the vocals - something like "we will ride on the gate gable moon. She’s also really nasal or something.

At 3:27, that’s a place where she really needs to be able to punch the note, but she hasn’t got the power.

The /r/ in “dream” is a bit soft. You might consider using /d r iy m/ instead of /dr iy m/.

All in all, a good song, but I get the feeling that the AI voice is really best used for one particular voice type - unless Kanru figures out how add a “power” parameter.

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Thanks guys for listening and the feedback :slight_smile:

The mixing is probably my mistake, I meant to pan the main vocals a bit to the right to separate it from the backing vocals but it didn’t work that well. Will try to fix it a bit later.

The lyrics at 3:00 is meant to be “ride on a big air balloon” but agree it sounds a bit fuzzy.

All in all, I don’t dislike the voice, just got too used to the old (younger) Elly. I would use both for different types of songs :slight_smile:

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Nice song. I like the lower register stuff better, but I agree that original V1 Elenore had more power in the high end. She certainly hits “sing” nicely enough… just not mean enough.

The gold star in my opinion is Forte’s V1 cover of Chandelier (on YouTube… Kavezo), which is simply outstanding on the power parts.

I haven’t used AI version yet, but in my best Forte piece, I used V1 and V2 combined for the same reason.

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