【GENBU Lite】 - 「家庭の事情 Family Matters by ZORN」 (rap, SynthV partial cover, voice copy)

A real voice copy (timing and pitch)
I wanted to try a male rap.

Edit: It is better when transposed back down one tone into original scale, but formatns are shifted (MP3 to listen):

There was a discussion at VI CONTROL forum

Thank you @dcuny for linking to my video. If you wouldn’t mind, can you link to this one too? It is a reaction on the discussion at VI.

The quality is bad, it is a lite voice bank. I didn’t bother much with loudness.
I had to transpose it 1 tone up to get in Genbu’s vocal range.

If someone is interested in trying it with GENBU full, here is the project file and instrumental:
I would be glad to hear it.

Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.4.0
Voice database GENBU (Lite) (version 100)
Postprocessing: EQ, compressor, reverb, flanger, delay

Song: ZORN / 家庭の事情 (katei no jijō, Family Matters)
only 3rd verse and final chorus

ZORN / 家庭の事情 - YouTube start time 2:33

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Interesting attempt, thanks for creating it~

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