Missing Download-File

Hey everyone! i am completly new here and also just bought the synthesizer v studio pro today with ANRI AI in a bundle pack.
i received the program an hour ago and installed and registrated it already.
but i miss the voice of ANRI AI.
so my order is incomplete but i paid already.
is it possible that it is delayed and send seperated?
i checked the drive folder but found nothing.
i wrote to the support alteady, but maybe some of you had similiar experiances.
thanks in advance.

The Anri download files are not in the same folder as the editor files. Check your email for a second Google Drive link.

It is also possible each link is delivered separately, so check for a second email as well.

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Thanks for your quick response!
till now i have only one download link. then i will wait till tomorrow and see.
have a good one and thanks again.

Oh my mistake, I didn’t realize this at first but Anri is not released yet. Her release date is December 11.


ahh ok!! i thought she is already released because i saw some tunes with her on youtube.
then i am relieved and will wait.
thaaanks Claire!