An english male voice please !!

Maybe, if we ask politely, Dreamtonics could release a second video with more sounds from this very intriguing english voice.

Please please please please please please :slight_smile: !

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I found that Eleanor Forte with the Gender Tuning moved all the way to the right produces quite a reasonable English male voice. If you check out my video elsewhere in this forum you can hear it.

Yes, I’ve done the same in a number of my songs.

The result is usable, but not ideal. :slight_smile:


Would love a male version.


Definitely needs to happen !

It is… HAPPENING !! [SynthV Update 1.5.0] "Cross-lingual Singing Synthesis" - claire の #17

Based on the update notes for 1.5.0, the Dreamtonics English male AI voice will be ready in “early 2022”.

It is also worth noting that Muxin will soon be repackaged for AI cross-lingual synthesis. It is unclear how long this will take, since Quadimension has stated that they must repackage their voice libraries one at a time. It is also unclear how this will affect the price of the product and how the repackaged version will be distributed to existing owners, however this does mean we effectively have two options for English male vocals on the way.

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Thanks again Claire for clarifying everything. So it’s not there yet, but it’s close. Good enough to brighten up my day :).

If this is the same guy that’s been teased since June 2021, then his official name is “Kevin”! Here’s the representative “K” to go along with him. They’ll be releasing an example called “StirCrazy” for him as well later.

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Yes, shared your opinion. I would like them to make English male voices. I tried to cover Rock’n Roll All Nite KISS but without an English male voice it was rather difficult to make, so I added brass and horn sections and it turned out girls “cartoon characters” met with middle aged men sung together at school reunion party :joy: Rock'n Roll All Nite KISS cover by Marc Bora - YouTube

Finally ! here is the demo (first part of video with no auto tuning, second part with). The accompanying text says it’s available today ? No traces on the DT website yet though.

the auto tuning seem kinda loose, but we’ll have to see in practice how much control we get over things. Can’t wait to work with it.

yeah dude in my opinion you won’t get rock’n’roll voices in software form. Rock has more to do with human idiosyncrasies… It’s the soul that speaks thru the vocal mechanism and the singer doesn’t care much about strictly on pitch performance, or sweetening of its attack. It’s unpredictable, provocative, it fucks with the norm and the academism. You don’t get soul with digits. If you want to get close to “real singing” as promoted by real musicianship, maybe tuning could do to an extent, but… meh.

available to buy here : Products – Dreamtonics Store

Thank you for your information mate. “Kevin” will do the job. The dealer in the country I am living currently do not sell Kevin nor Elenor. They are interested in KAWAII=cute cartoon character ‘s voices to sell mainly. Thanks again.

actually this could be achieved I guess ^^ Red Hot Chili Peppers - Black Summer (Official Music Video) - YouTube

That’s great to know. RHCP can be done with Kevin, I guess. Thank you. Actually I just found out the dealer just started selling “Kevin” and another male voice here. Probably our voice had reached to both Dreamtonics and the dealer.

Synth V won’t do this kind of rock


I’m curious to hear Ryo new japanese male voice ! New AI can all speak english.

I actually like Ryo’s English more than Kevin’s!