Hello Halley ft. Eleanor Forte AI (Synthesizer V Cover)

This is my first time posting here, so I bid you all a “hello”!

This is the first Synthesizer V work I’m posting soon. We are hoping to have it finished for this month. Until then, please have a look at a preview of the song.

“Hello Halley” (你好哈雷)
Cover: 風权 & 実偽Migi
English lyrics: June H.
Mixing / MIDI: 風权
Temporary artwork: 中古アンプ
Preview video: 実偽Migi

Original music by 小野道; lyrics by 冥凰
Original vocalist: Luo Tianyi (2013 ver.) / Xingchen (2016 ver.)
(Note: I made a mistake in the English version of the preview video and forgot to credit Luo Tianyi. Tianyi sang the original 2013 version. Xingchen sang the 2016 version.)






The preview sounds great! :slight_smile:

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Great cover, I can’t wait for the full version~

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Thank you for the kind comments! >w</

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Hello again! The final version will be available on Sunday, January 9. The YouTube version will be a premiere at 10 AM EST, so feel free to hit the bell to set a reminder. SoundCloud and bilibili are currently not available, so I will update this post when they are ready.

Final credits are as follows

Cover: 風权 & 実偽Migi
Mixing & MIDI: 風权
English translated lyrics: June H.
Illustration: flamingo-sama
Video editing: neirina

Original music by 小野道; lyrics by 冥凰
Original vocalist: Luo Tianyi (2013 ver.) / Xingchen (2016 ver.)

Thank you for your patience! We hope you enjoy it!

Regarding the uploads’ descriptions, it was mentioned that this cover was inspired by Eleanor’s older concept art that was released for her 3rd anniversary. She looked a lot like a mail carrier then and it made me think of “Hello Halley” simply because Xingchen’s version portrays her as one. This inspired us to create an English cover and feature Eleanor specifically, regardless if her AI sounded the same as R1/Lite or not. We were determined to make it work. You can check out the tweet regarding the concept art here:

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I can’t edit this post, so my apologies for posting like this.

Here are the respective SoundCloud and bilibili links.