I'm New And Curious Lol. Not Sure How The Software Works

This is my first post so if I mess up pls don’t get mad.

So I downloaded the Free Version of Synthesizer V Studio from the Dreamtonics website (which I assume is the most updated one) and I’m wondering how to create voice banks or a dictionary. Just want to get the feel of the software and having trouble figuring it out. If anyone knows how to do those things, that’d be great :3.

You can’t create customer voicebanks.

You can add words to a custom dictionary by clicking the dictionary icon on the right side of the screen:


That’ll open the Dictionary panel:

The options should be fairly self-explanatory. You must have a voice selected for the track, so it knows what default dictionary to use.

How do you get any voice banks? None are showing up for me.

Also, I’ve tried clicking “word” and the space around it and everything and I can’t type in any words. (also i’m using apple if that matters)

You can find them cunningly hidden on the bottom of the Dreamtonics website. I’ve circled the link in the image:

Synthesizer V | Dreamtonics株式会社

Choose your language from the upper-right corner (I assume English)

The free versions are referred to as “Lite”.

You can also find them on the ANiCUTE website:

You shouldn’t need a dictionary - SynthV will automatically convert your English/Japanese/Chinese to the appropriate phonemes.

You can find some tutorial videos on how to use SynthV here:

These should hopefully get you started.

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Thank you so much! I’ll message further if I have any more problems but seriously, Im just happy that someone was willing to help lol

Glad to help! :smiley:

So uh… question. It worked by the way thanks again, but I can’t actually play the track. I’ve tried pressing space and doing all the things that made it play before, it’s just kinda not working? The play/ pause button is red when I hover over it so maybe that has something to do with it?

Do you have any troubleshooting ideas? (added the pic cause maybe you can spot something)

Nevermind. Closing and opening it fixed the issue

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Edit: Looks like you beat me to the “solution”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

See the “Pause” button in red?

That indicates that the program is busy processing, so it won’t play back at the moment.

Now, clearly it should be able to play back audio back, because the waveform is displayed which indicates that it’s been generated.

So it’s likely that the program is stuck, which sometimes happens.

If you click the Render icon on the right side image, you should be able to see the rendering progress in the Render panel.

I’m guessing that it’s somehow gotten “stuck”, which occasionally happens.

In that case, save the file, close SynthV, and open it up again. Be aware that it’ll have to regenerate the audio again when it opens up, so… :roll_eyes:

There may be other ways to get SynthV unstuck, and hopefully people have better suggestions.

This happens to me sometimes, and what I usually need to do is reconnect the audio system
flicking any of these to another option then back usually does the trick, but I am on Windows, so maybe take this with a grain of salt.

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