This is my first go with Eleanor in the AI version. Wow so many things you can adjust.


Nice!   :sunglasses:

It’s pleasant, but with some unexpected chords and melodic movement that gives it a unique sound.

Thanks it was aa simple as it gets so that I could learn to drive the voice and application. The only interesting thing was i needed to use frequency ducking so my piano did not clash with the vocal. The voice is amazing but wont cut though till you make space.

Nice work, thank you for your creation ~

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Sounds like you’re using something like Trackspacer. :sunglasses:

I haven’t figured out how to get any power into this voice yet. You can only EQ it so much before things start getting too crispy. I’ve tried lightly doubling with Eleanor Forte Standard, and that’s helps a bit. But push that too far, and a bit too obvious what the trick is.

But it is a lovely voice, so… :grinning:

Yes I noticed the voice the voice is amazing but needs to be protected. Good guessing on trackspacer. I am too new to the voice to know what can be done yet but really looking forward to finding out.

This is really nice. Your songs always have the most beautiful melodies.

Wow! What a jewel – composition, harmonies, sensitive use of pauses.

One of the few songs around here that I actually play again, just because I like to listen to it and it’s so musical.

Thanks for that comment. Its my hobby so its very special when someone likes your work

I do try my very best. Thanks so much